How to network without feeling dirty

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In the book the author of the book Act like a leader, Think like a leader, Hermania Ibarra shares a study about networking, by professors Tizina Casciaro, Francesca Gina and Marym Kouchaki. Here is a link to an abstract of the study.

The research distinguished instrumental networking* (making connections to advance one’s career) with personal networking (making spontaneous connections that aims to build friendly, collegial connections). The authors mention that their MBA students had a strong distaste for instrumental networking?

Do you have a strong distaste for instrumental networking*?

Ibarra in her book maintains that “many people who fail to engage in networking justify their choice as a matter of personal values. She shares that a person named Jacob said, “Relationships should develop in a natural way”. 

Ibarra suggests that “The only way to conceive of networking in nobler, more appealing ways is to do it and experience for ourselves its value, not only for ourselves but also for our teams and organisations.”

Let me share my take on networking. I don’t want to be rigid in my relationships. Therefore, to expand my thinking I am contacting people I know and suggesting a 20 minute virtual meeting.

Here is one message I’m sending, and booking in, meetings from.

5 fresh C level interaction techniques, 5 trends I see, 5 questions

Hi X,

It’s been a while since we talked.

I write to suggest we have a 20 minute virtual meeting some time over the next couple of months where I’d share 5 fresh techniques that are paying off for my C level clients, 5 current trends I see, and where I’d ask you 5 questions to expand your thinking and network of contacts. And of course I’d love to hear the trends you see and questions you have to expand my thinking.

Does this interest?

Michael K

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea

  • If you believe that strategically building your networks is important for your career trajectory, I strongly recommend you read Act like a leader, Think like a leader
  • Consider how you might adapt my above message in contacting people who can help you, and people you can help, expand your/their diversity of ideas and opportunities.
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