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Michael Kelly transforms Leaders into Master Communicators in the boardroom through one-on-one coaching.

How Michael can help


Executive Coaching

Michael can help senior executives inspire their people to take quicker action through how they listen, speak, present, handle and conduct themselves.


Business Pitch Consulting

Make your Pitch the winner on pitch day.

Michael helps organisations to achieve the edge they need to win competitive pitches.


Corporate Programs

Tailored workshops, conference and convention keynote and breakout presentations.

Learning resources

Michael has written many articles through the years and has categorised them as learning resources to assist you in your journey in becoming a master communicator.

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  • Michael is a brilliant facilitator. I was thoroughly engaged all day and I learnt so much.

  • A great workshop. Lots of practical application and practice, lots of useful tips, useful to see other people practicing and learning this. The trainer was great, very knowledgable, engaging and giving constructive feedback.

  • Michael was great. Really good at what he does. He should be proud of his accomplishments.

  • Michael was really excellent, great presenter, great content and really applicable.

  • The workshop was really relevant and useful! The best L&D I have attended at the RC. Thanks!

  • The course was immensely practical and useful. Practical sessions throughout the day meant that you were practicing the content as you were learning it. Helpful tips and tricks and really practical advice.

  • The course and workshop leader were great. I now have the tools to help me overcome fear when making presentations. Michael would have to be one of the best workshop leader I've experienced in 30 years of attending courses.

  • The lessons you taught us were invaluable and I have since been using the message structure in almost every message I have delivered to the team and clients. DBAE has saved me a few times and I've been very aware of my body language, arm and leg movements and eye contact when communicating with others.

  • Michael Kelly is one of the highest calibre trainers in the leadership and communications space I have worked with my 16 year communications career. He has an engaging, authentic & intellectual style whose scenario-based training is relevant and applicable to every facet of life. His principles of developing a clear and strong leadership identity were communicated and taught with simplicity, ease and impact from his real-world experience. I would recommend him highly to both companies and individuals.

  • Thank you for your great session. I haven't thought about the way of behaving as a leader so deeply until your session . . . your session will help my dream come true more easily

    Company Director
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