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We excel at designing and implementing best practices and procedures for communicating well with clients, employees, partners and shareholders.

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Regular insights, guidance and commentary on how communication influences business and the world around us

Jargon monoxide and how to fix it

“So, what Laszlo did was he put in a simple rule, which I would call good friction, which was, if you are going to do more than four interviews before making a decision about hiring a [...]


What our clients are saying

  • Michael Kelly is one of the highest calibre trainers in the leadership and communications space I have worked with my 16 year communications career. He has an engaging, authentic & intellectual style whose scenario-based training is relevant and applicable to every facet of life. His principles of developing a clear and strong leadership identity were communicated and taught with simplicity, ease and impact from his real-world experience. I would recommend him highly to both companies and individuals.

    Participant, ‘Communication strategies for being an inspiring leader’ workshop
  • I experienced firsthand presentations from AB and AT – WOW . . .Really clear messages, great engagement , very confident. They’ve told me your course is making a big difference in how they get their messages across.

    General Manager, Commonwealth Bank
  • The techniques were invaluable. . . I talk a lot as part of my role but can’t remember the last time anyone made a comment constructive or otherwise about my abilities

    Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank
  • I attended Michael's Speak Under Pressure course 3 years ago and it has been one of the most impactful courses I have ever attended. Since attending it has significantly been applicable to everyday conversations, helping me to better articulate and deliver my POV using several techniques such as pausing, body language and tone. Since then I have referred Michael to other areas of the business where he has gone on to work with other functions such as Sales, Business Development, etc to help them be more effective in their communications with prospects and customers. I strongly recommend Michael and his courses to anyone who needs to deliver impactful presentations and anyone who needs to engage with senior stakeholders on negotiations, etc.

    Vice President, Salesforce
  • I worked with Michael on a One-on-One programme. The programme was an eye opener for me. I now embed precision, pithiness & punch in my key messaging.

    Dr. Raju Varanasi Director, Data Intelligence
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Michael for around 3 years now and continue doing so due to the expertise, guidance and new perspectives in delivering powerful presence and communication. I have always felt uncomfortable in delivering to large audiences in town halls and running classes, however, Michael has provided me with educational sessions and invaluable tools to support me in my career and everyday life. I would definitely recommend Michael as someone to work with as a coach/ mentor where you need someone who is willing to care and be present while providing sharp observations and guidance. I have used Michael to coach my team and I can see the immediate benefits in their professional development while forming better habits and awareness at work, home and social environments.

    Stephen Wong University of NSW
  • After working with Michael, I know how to construct and deliver messages that are heard and understood.

    David Wong Chief Information Officer, National Library of Australia
  • Michael was awesome to work with on getting my personal messaging in a great place, owning more positive conversations and showing me amazing skills for effective leadership.

    Brendan Day Director, Events and Experiential, CAPITAL-e Marketing and Events
  • As a seasoned performer and presenter of 10+ years, Michael's simple but highly effective communication techniques have elevated my ability to connect and engage with my audience

    Diana Zhang Fulbright Scholar, UNSW
  • Michael’s executive coaching has helped to give me the confidence to communicate more effectively. His personalised approach highlighted very specific areas that we worked on that sets his methods apart from other coaching I’ve experienced. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who wishes to take their career to the next level or to just give yourself more confidence.

    Rohan Kilty Head of Digital, MSB, VIPA
  • You are the best communicator in the business

    Alex Claassens NSW Branch Secretary, Rail Tram & Bus Union
  • This is the best course I have undertaken in my 26 years of working in corporate and government organisations. Facilitator was engaging and he kept me 100% focused all day. This is an amazing achievement. I have learnt so much and have easy tricks and skills to practice that I will undoubtedly be able to do. That makes me very happy.

    AP, State Government Insurance Authority participant in a 'Listen and speak under pressure’ workshop.