A POLITICAL SPEECH to be PROUD of – by Robert Kennedy

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If ever there was a speech that was the right speech, at the right time, by the right person, in the right manner, for the right reason, and with the right feeling tone

a speech that had a direct correlation to preventing violence

a speech that the current crop of Australian political aspirants should watch and learn from,

the below 4:40 minute speech delivered on 4 April 1968 by Robert Kennedy in Indianapolis, Indiana after hearing of assassination of Martin Luther King – must to be on the short list.

After King’s assassination, there were riots in all, major American cities, but

because of Kennedy’s short speech – there were NO RIOTS in Indianapolis. 

As you’ll see described in the clip, Kennedy’s spoke virtually off the cuff with little preparation. In effect, trusting that the right words would come.

Below is the text of the speech.


Here is the text of the speech.

Own the Conversation

Let me suggest, that in light of Kennedy’s speech, at certain times – times when you have deep feeling about a matter – that it may be best to speak without notes, trusting that the words will arise and flow from that feeling.

In the training of candidates of political parties of any persuasion, this speech – in my view – should be compulsory viewing.

p.s. Many of my clients are unsure of how to hold and gesture with their hands when speaking. To help you with this check out this post of legendary actor, Spencer Tracey; Spencer Tracy – Using your hands, advice.

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