You’ll be replaced, if you’re not a excellent communicator

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The title of this post may seem alarming.

And I am still in two minds about when, where, how, and if humans will be replaced by AI generator avatars and voice apps such as HeyGen.

However, as many of you know, these tools are getting more human-like with every iteration. See below a demonstration of HeyGen**

It is not that farfetched to think of an organisation will consider using an avatar to lead a webinar, be a spokesperson at an event, pitch a product or service, because it doesn’t get nervous; doesn’t speak in a rushed speaking cadence and isn’t unpredictable – versus a human who does get nervous, may speak in a rushed cadence, is unpredictable and so on.

Technology is great at improving efficiencies and replicating tedious tasks. However, it still struggles to connect with humans in an emotional way.

This form of generative A.I. will quickly evolve to effectively replace common presentation scenarios to the point where most of us won’t even notice it’s artificial. My assessment, is that generative A.I.

will never replace an articulate, skilled speaker who can inspire and elicit emotion in an audience.

It’s simple. Top communicators will never be replaced, whether they’re pitching a new idea or convincing a board to make a decision. The ability of a leader to communicate ideas strongly and convincingly is an irreplaceable skill.

The above, leads me to this view:

It is now – more important than ever – to upgrade your communication skills and presentation impact.

(** Here’s the demonstration video clip of HeyGen)

What questions do you have about generator avatars?

What do you think of HeyGen and other video-generating platforms?

Would you feel comfortable working in tandem with an avatar?

Will there be a point at which we don’t care so much if we’re spoken to by an avatar rather that a live human?

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