WHY your VIRTUAL communication STILL needs WORK

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently developed a 45 minute presentation including Q&A, titled Why your virtual communication still needs work.

From the presentation you’ll take away at least one powerful, practical idea or technique to upgrade your virtual communication impact.

Do contact me if you’d like to discuss how the presentation could be customised for your organisation.

Thanks.  Michael K


Consider this…

Your career will largely be defined by how well you present in important meetings. Reflect for a moment on how well you present in important meetings . . . . .

It has always been important to present well in important face to face meetings. In the current world and future world of work, how well you present in important virtual meetings,

will increasingly come to define your career.

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, many of you have improved your virtual communication set-up. My observation and reflection of virtual communication over the past few months indicates, for many people, their virtual communication still needs work.**

To underscore how virtual communication is transforming companies, consider comments made by luminary venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in the below 24:05 minute interview.

Andreessen’s comment was about Coinbase Global, the largest crytocurrency exchange in the United States with a current market capitalisation of $54B.

Coinbase in its public filing documents, written under the words ‘Coinbase Global, Inc.’ is ‘Address Not Applicable’. Also written in the document was these telling sentences.

In May 2020 we became a remote-first company.

Accordingly we do not maintain a headquarters.’

My view is that more and more organisations will be ‘remote-first companies’, and will communicate in the main, virtually.

What does this mean to you?

Simply this. How you communicate your ideas and vision in virtual meetings and presentations will become a competitive advantage for yourself, and for your organisation.

** (I understand that many of you are limited in the arranging a professional virtual office set-up, due to, for example, working from a home environment).

Here is the LINK to the clip

Own the Conversation

I recommend this. Over the next seven days:

  • Do an audit of your virtual communication.
  • From that audit, choose one area of that communication you could upgrade. It might be the room lighting, looking at the camera when you speak or being more succinct and measured in your delivery.
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