Why talent is overrated

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Many years ago I wrote an Australian Financial Review, Letter to the Editor. (Please see it below. It will take you about 40 seconds to read).


Own the Conversation

With the idea that ‘Talent is overrated’ and whether you are in sales or not in sales:

  • In the next seven days, schedule a five to ten minute appointment with yourself to get feedback on how you present yourself and communicate your messages.
  • During the appointment:

– Audio record yourself delivering a mock opening of a recent or upcoming presentation (say, maximum 50 seconds).

– Immediately listen to the recording, and then grade yourself on a 1-10 scale (1 low, 10 high) against the benchmark of a warm, calm, inspiring, knowledgeable, authoritative executive.

  • If you didn’t give yourself a 9 or 10, make a plan  to improve one aspect of your communication.
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