Why Rudd won Health Debate with Abbott

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Political debates at the National level are about projecting a personality, a bearing, a national and world view that voters find appealing. They are not about point scoring, jokes and interrupting people. Kevin Rudd projected the former, and that is why he won this week’s Health Debate – Tony Abbott projected the latter and that was why he was outpointed by Rudd. Abbott’s jokes and asides would have played well in the Parliament or at the pub, but not in a nationally addressed Press Club debate.

The lesson from Rudd’s performance for business people is this: Your speech communication, manner and tone should match the audience you’re addressing and the forum you’re in. The way you hold, conduct and carry yourself, often has equal or more importance than your choice of words. Always strive to project dignity in any environment you’re involved in – no matter how stressful that environment is.

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