These are my speaking tips for Paul Howes and Clive Palmer

 In Delivery

Paul Howes outpointed Clive Palmer in yesterday’s National Press Club debate on the ‘Resources Super Profits Policy: Tax Reform or Tax Grab?’ Leaving aside who won the battle of the ideas, Howes’ measured speaking with energy came across with more certainty – consistent with that of a believable leader. Palmer blustery, theatrical performance and glib one-liners conveyed less certainty, and was less consistent with a believable leader.

When a person uses several one-liners and humorous, startling statements, the underlying message that is conveyed, is that the speaker doesn’t have a credible, well thought-out message and needs to resort to these ‘cheap trick’ lines.

Neither man had a simple, clearly articulated message supporting their view.

If I was giving sales presentation and speech communication, post-debate coaching to each, it would be:

Paul H: 1. At the start of your opening address, be even more measured and deliberate in your speaking. 2. Own and occupy more space with your body – keep your arms on the table. 3. Nod briefly in response to the people that ask you questions.

Clive P: 1. Omit the glib one-liners to convey your messages. 2. Be more measured with your delivery. Use an open, middle, close speaking structure and finish your ‘speaking parcels’ with a definite ending point.

The ‘how to’ for this blog is this: 1. Prior to your next presentation or message delivery, get clear on your key message (it should be no more than two sentences). 2. Deliver that key message early in your presentation/piece of speaking and if appropriate, signpost it. For example: ‘This is the key takeaway message. . .’

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