What’s the BEST facial EXPRESSION to ENTER with?

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You probably have heard…You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

In the Module Four video clip of The Art of communicating through video conference, you’ll learn how to bring your best facial expression, as you enter a video conference.

Why is this important? Because

people first know you, by your countenance.

That is, your facial expression. And results of a Harvard University study by Nalini Ambady and Robert Rosenthal, revealed it takes just two seconds to form a lasting impression of a person.

Now to be clear, people who’ve seen you before, ‘know’ you from prior interactions. However, for every subsequent encounter, you have a chance to present your face to them, in a new light.

Here’s the 1:55 minute CLIP for you to watch.

Own the Conversation

The suggestion in the clip to radiate warmth and acceptance and calm enthusiasm comes from Never split the difference by Chris Vos, former Federal Bureau of Investigation, hostage negotiator.

For the next seven days for every video meeting, use this practical trigger to remind you to enter a video conference radiating warmth and acceptance and calm enthusiasm:

  • Picture printed at the top of the video screen the acronym RWA – CE (Radiate Warmth Acceptance & Calm Enthusiasm). Or you could put those letters on a Post-it note placed at the top of your monitor, tablet etc. Or make up your own acronym or word. Maybe choose one word from four key words for display. For example ‘RADIATE’.


p.s. Aligned to the concept of people first knowing you by your countenance, I urge you for every video meeting, when the meeting is in session to keep your video setting ENABLED .

It can be tempting to disable the video but in doing so you’re ‘hiding’ yourself from other people in the meeting, and you and your messages will be less memorable and less believable.

p.p.s Related to last week’s Module on DBAE (Don’t Be Anywhere Else) here’ s a story I received from my friend John Fearon of Oncall Group.


Loved the Learn How Not to Daydream clip. Ancient wisdom!

It reminded me of an old story called ‘The Gates of Paradise’ (or ‘The Parable of Heedlessness’). This guy needed DBAE.

A wise and good man spends his days doing good deeds, but with flaws. He is heedless to some people’s needs, often gives in to his own personal needs welling up in him, and is fond of sleep.

When he dies he is sitting at the Gates of Paradise and a voice tells him to pay attention, because the gates only open once every 100 years. He pays attention for a long while, but eventually his head nods in sleep. For an instant his eyelids close, and in that infinitesimal moment the gates open. He opens his eyes immediately, only to see the gates slamming shut ‘with a roar that would wake the dead’.

(from Tales of the Dervishes by Idries Shah)

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