What’s most important about you commuicatin at work? 26 responses

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What’s most important to you about your communication at work?Most important

Regularly I ask my clients and their direct reports this question. Below* is a list with answers people have given in response to that question.

The ‘What’s most important to you about’ language (as some of you know) is a great question starter, for uncovering key information in a ‘customer’ interaction.

For example,  What’s most important to you about money? What’s most important to you about your relationship with customers? What’s most important about how you listen and speak under pressure?

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days:

1. Answer the ‘What’s most important to me about my communication at work’ question. Reflect on your answer and intermittently re-visit how you’re tracking in your actual work against your answer to that question.

2. Trial asking the ‘What’s most important to you about _________? question in one of your customer meetings, and note if it uncovers valuable information.

p.s. One of my programmes that clients regularly report is paying off for them in more influence, presence and new business is my Listen and speak under pressure, one day workshop and Master class. How you perform under pressure, especially when people with clout are in the room, can be a one of the defining moments in your career.

My Listen and speak under pressure content and processes guide people to perfect and ‘reflex’ their performance when under pressure. (For example, one process is multi-tasking an ‘Engagement nod’, while you process a question).

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*Here are a selection of answers to the ‘What’s most important to you about your communication at work?’ question:

  • Getting message across, even if tough message.
  • Be able to convey clearly what I have to say.
  • To be clear and get point across.
  • Building senior presence.
  • Able to convey things in a concise manner.
  • That other person understands what I’m trying to communicate – that I’m communicating the right thing with energy.
  • Like to be clear and to the point, like to think before I speak.
  • Voice, certain in what saying.
  • Person I speak to, should understand clearly, no hiccups in words.
  • Slowing down so people can understand me better.
  • Stating clearly what is the issue and impact; Communicate well when under pressure.
  • Get message through and establish collaboration.
  • Not repeating and sending the message clearly.
  • Be heard, share my opinion.
  • To convey the message clearly.
  • Be the bridge, utilizing the right amount of communication.
  • Making sure the message I’m making is understood and considered.
  • Instilling confidence in people – related to being perceived as trustworthy and believable – I need people to trust my decision.
  • I want people to respect my views.
  • To project more certainty.
  • People to be able to listen and trust and understand me, to project confidence.
  • Being taken seriously (x 2 respondents)
  • Influencing and speaking clearly, getting to the point.
  • Getting across a simple clear message.
  • Getting the feeling of confidence, overcoming fear. (x 2 respondents)
  • Most important is getting across a simple clear message.
  • Getting my message across simply – with no contradictions.
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