An easy way to understand what you’re clients think of you

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Imagine this scenario. At a restaurant, a client of yours is having lunch with another person. You happen to be at the same restaurant and briefly drop by your client’s table to say ‘hi’. Then you go on your way. Once you’ve left, the other person asks your client, “What does he/she do?”

Consider, what your client would say that you do. It can be worthwhile to know what your clients are saying about what you do. If it’s reflecting how you want to be perceived and positioned, that’s great. If it’s not, you can make changes (eg. in your marketing, the delivery of your service etc.) so your clients are speaking about you in a way you want to be positioned.

This technique was recently shared in an email I received from referral coach, Bill Cates http://www.referralcoach.com/

In my face to face meetings with my clients, I’ve started painting the above scenario for them and asking them what they would say I do. (responses have included: ‘speech doctor’, ‘advanced communication coaching’ ‘’he helps people present themselves clearly and effectively’).

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In your upcoming sales presentation meetings with your clients make an agenda item to paint the above scenario and ask them ‘what would you say I do’ question. Then, as appropriate, reflect/act on their responses.


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