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Your voicemail greeting might be the first impression a potential customer has of you. Make it a good impression. Start your greeting with ‘You’re through to. . .’ (this indicates a live person is not there), make the greeting brief and project energy in your voice. In addition omit ‘I can’t take your call right now’ (this is redundant in today’s business environment). If you leave a mobile number to ring on your landline greeting, within Australia, say it in 4-3-3 chunks, ie (0418) (215) (049), even if you have duplicate numbers in a row and you think it will be more memorable. Say your mobile or other alternate number at writing speed. ‘Air write’ the number to help you speak at writing speed. Also repeat the number a second time.

Here’s an example of a mobile phone, voice mail greeting: ‘You’re through to the message bank of Finbar Kelly, please leave your message and details and I’ll phone you back. For urgent matters please phone our customer service centre on, 1300 442 816, that number again is . . . 1300 442 816, thank you’.

Before you change your greeting, reflect on the above suggestions. Adapt them to your style, working environment. Consider how you want to be perceived through your greeting. After that reflection, then, change your greeting. Listen to it and make sure it sounds how you want to be perceived. Periodically listen to your greeting and reflect on, if it still conveys the impression you want. 

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    Simple but sincere voice mail greeting will sure create a good and lasting impression.

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