WHAT is Your BODY Language SAYING about YOU?

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I recently was a guest on the “A Higher Branch Podcast”, where each week, Sam Makhoul sits down with industry experts from Australia and abroad to discuss the current climate around the world, business and personal success and tips on fulfilling all eight areas of life.
Read a summary of the podcast below, and CLICK here to listen to the episode.

What Is Your Body Language Saying About You?

Our body language is the window into what’s going on mentally and emotionally within.

In today’s episode of A Higher Branch, Sam Makhoul is joined by leading body language and speech expert Michael Kelly to shine some light on the art of successful and engaging interactions.

Michael holds a Master of Science degree in speech pathology and has worked in this domain for over 20 years as a leadership communication trainer and media commentator.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • The do’s and don’ts to body language
  • How to stay fully present in a face to face conversation
  • How to interpret others body language
  • The impressions your professional appearance may be having; and
  • Should you hug a client?

Tune in today to find out what Michael says is the best way to make a great first impression!


00:20 – A bit about Michael Kelly

02:43 – The biggest mistake people make in their body language

03:54 – How to make a good first impression

05:03 – How to stay present

06:15 – Communicating with your team vs a client

07:20 – How we can practice staying present

08:40 – How important is body language in business?

09:37 – How to interpret others body language

12:33 – Is communicating a natural talent?

16:05 – The importance of facial expressions in body language

17:04 – How impressions are formed based on your outfit

22:24 – Body language signals of someone interested in you

23:40 – Post-Covid, will the handshake survive?

25:40 – Should you hug a client?

26:46 – The effects masks are having on our interactions

27:44 – A diffuser in managing conflict

30:20 – Find Michael’s website and numerous body language posts HERE

30:40 – Michael’s measuring cup technique

Own the Conversation

After listening to the podcast:

  • Reflect on one point, technique et al that resonated most with you.
  • In the next seven days, schedule in your calendar an implementation plan to practice the point/technique in safe interactions.


p.s. I have just created a short presentation,

Why your virtual communication still needs work

One of the messages in the presentation is ‘How to visually maximise the viewing square’.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss tailoring the presentation for your direct reports and/or wider team. Thanks

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