A great six minute template for you pitch

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Ron Huff in his book, Say it in six, shares a simple, powerful template for Corporate story telling.*  Namely:

1. Burning issue

2. Crisp overview

3. Describe the idea

4. The pay-off

5. What I need from you (eg. the Decision maker, Economic buyer)

My business pitch clients have used the template and it has paid-off for them in getting sign-off from economic buyers.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: Trial the above template in safe interactions/presentations in the next seven days and reflect on how it works for you.

*The phrase Corporate story telling is currently in vogue in the business world. It is becoming a buzz phrase. To not to get lost in the ‘buzz’, whether you use the Corporate story telling phrase or other phrase/template,  it’s more important to make sure – that you get a simple, key message  clearly across to your audience.

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