The power of ‘The universe rewards action’

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I was working with one of my corporate clients a couple of years back. He needed his team to understand the concept: “We win through our behaviours”. That is, we may think of/conjure up what we want to happen in our workplace relationships, but unless our behaviours change – those good thoughts/intentions are of little use.

On reflection, this is self-evident – though it is worth re-stating. The ‘win through our behaviours’ mantra reminds me of one of Success Coach, Jack Canfield’s mantras. Namely, “The universe rewards action”.

The ‘how to apply‘ for this post: Consider what would be one behaviour change, that you could trial in the next seven days, that you believe could improve your personal communication impact. Then trial that change and reflect on its impact.


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  • michael

    Thanks John. Yes I think role models are important. Jim Kouzes, leading, leadership author says one of the most important jobs of leaders is to ‘model the way’

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