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The Case for improving virtual communication skills

Your career will largely be defined by how well you present in important meetings. In the current and future world of work, how well you present in important video meetings – will increasingly come to define your career.

You need to become a top performer in video meetings and interactions in the same way that you strive to become a top performer in face-to-face meetings and interactions.

You also need to develop skill in deciding when, where, with whom and on what topic/for what purpose, a virtual meeting will work best – versus a face-to-face meeting. Here is Michael’s blog post on this matter.

As of March 2020 Michael Kelly’s One-on-One training and group programmes are being conducted face-to-face or virtually, or conducted through a combination of face-to-face and virtual mediums.

The benefit of a virtual One-on-One or group programme is that by default, it sharpens participants’ virtual communication – which will serve them in any subsequent virtual interaction or meeting.

Michael is conducting on-going field research into how business interactions and meetings intersect with various communication mediums and/or mix of mediums – in order to foster optimal personal connection, communication, productivity and focus.

Virtual offering

Michael offers all his One-on-One training and group workshops and keynote presentations in a face-to-face or virtual format. For example, his recently developed ‘How to Reshape your personal communication for a video conference world’ has been delivered virtually, and successfully for numerous clients.

Michael has developed a popular 10 module, 2 minute video learning programmeThe Art of communication through video conferencing, Series One . This programme gives essential information for setting up a professional video conferencing environment, and on how to listen, speak and present yourself and your messages effectively through a video screen.


As well, since March 2020, Michael has transformed his office into a video studio.

If you are new to setting up your office for an effective video conference environment, below is equipment Michael recommends:


Mount these lights on the stands or desk clamps (see below) and place one of the adjustable lights on either side of your face to project non-reflective light on your face.

Two LED lights with power cables

Product link

Stands for lights

Product link

Desk clamps for lights

Product link

Green screen

Elagato collapsible green screen
This flexible screen can be raised and lowered easily.

Product link


Logitch C930E webcam
This camera is easily mounted on a computer monitor or a boom arm.

Product link

Boom Arm

25 inch Flexible Jaw Long Arm Swivel Clamp Mount Stand.

Product link


RODE NT-USB Mini Microphone
This camera is simple to use and has a USB connection.

Product link


Kensington stand to mount laptops

Product link

Document holder

Kensington curved coy holder to display documents

Product link

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