VIDEO conference communication MASTERY – 2 minute SERIES

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Your career, will be largely be defined, by how well you present in important meetings.

In the current world of work and in the future world of work – how well you present in important, virtual meetings – will increasingly define your career.

Today I’ve launched Module #1 of a new series entitled:

The Art of Communication through Video Conferencing.

The series of two minute video clips will give you key techniques to communicate with impact through a video screen – so you and your messages are perceived as believable, and memorable.

Here is Module One for you to view.

Own the Conversation

How could you apply the idea from today’s Module?

I suggest making an implementation plan to apply it in the next seven days.

The universe rewards action.


p.s. Earlier this week I delivered another complimentary ‘How to Reshape your communication for a videoconference world’. The 30 minute presentation which included 15 minutes devoted to question time worked well, with plentiful questions coming from the audience – including how to read body language through the videoconference environment.

I’ll be offering the presentation as complimentary talk if you book one in before the end of April. Let me know if the presentation interests you or someone you know.

p.p.s.  What if you could upgrade how you listen and speak under pressure?  Tomorrow there are still place available for my University of Sydney one day workshop  Listen and speak under pressure   – I’d love to work with you

p. p.p.s. Is it ‘Social distancing’ or ‘Physical distancing’? After my post this past Monday, I received a welcome and important message from Rosemary Hadway. Please read below. Thank you Rosemary.

SUBJECT: Language Matters!

Hello everyone,

The choice of words in our language must be considered, careful and accurate.
The use of the expression ‘social distancing’ is not accurate. The implications are negative, potentially damaging and not what we need. Many are becoming socially connected in more and innovative ways than in the past – this it to be encouraged, supported and extended. Those who do experience social distancing, or believe they are (or must be) socially isolated are at risk of emotional and mental health problems. 
The correct expression would be ‘physical distancing’. This is what is required!
Social connection does not have to include technology. eg at the recent full moon, my neighbours and I stood at our front doors and flashed torches as we watched – a fun time for all. Social distance – no…physical distance – yes!!
The difference is subtle, yet significant.
I ask your support in changing the language used.
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