A body language presentation to use when you’re attacked

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Imagine this situation. You’re making a stand-up presentation and someone interjects with an aggressive statement. Think how you would move your body (if at all) to demonstrate confidence in this situation. (For this scenario, leave aside your verbal response).

You can mishandle this situation by displaying aggression or passivity through your body movement. Aggression is displayed through moving too close to the interjector. Passivity is displayed by increasing the distance between you and the interjector, or through appearing reticent to move closer to the interjector.

My recommendation for this situation is this: In general, move a step toward the interjector (though when there is significant distance between you and the interjector you might move more than a step) and then stop and ‘plant your feet’. Then address the person. This movement conveys poise and composure.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days, observe the body movement and distance that people maintain in their interactions, meetings and sales presentations. Reflect on what movement/distance creates the perception of confidence, energy and certainty.

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