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If you need to ape a tough-guy look – are you really that tough?

In the featured image of this post, the two Union officials – with their stern, facial expressions and the thumbs out, hands in pocket stance of the person on the right –

seem like caricatures of how tough union officials should look.

This is bad play-acting.

The play-acting undermines the tough image they want to convey, and reveals insecurity. That is, the thinking underlying the pose is akin to:

‘I don’t have enough belief in myself and my ideas to present in a straight and open manner, so I better slip on my tough-guy ‘mask’ to help me out.’

The most confident people present themselves and their ideas unvarnished. They don’t need or want affectations to puff themselves up, misdirect, or hide behind.

Own the Conversation

Periodically, video record yourself or have someone video record or take a photo of you in your meetings and presentations. Look at the footage/photos. Do they reveal any falseness or ingratiating behaviour etc.

I’ve been watching four hour, video recording of myself leading a workshop. Watching the footage has been instructive. Leaving aside the need to lose some weight, other valuable observations were instances of an ingratiating facial expressions. I’m working on shedding those expressions.

p.s. This post might interest: Do you make any of these first impressions mistakes?

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