Gridiron legend Lou Holtz on what make a leader

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Recently I was re-listening to a leadership podcast. Renown United States football coach, Lou Holtz was being interviewed. In the podcast Holtz relayed an interaction he had when he was first installed at head football coach at the University of Notre Dame.

The head of the university who had appointed Holtz said something approximating the following: “Lou – I can give you the title of head football coach. Titles come from above. Whether you’re a leader or not will come from below.” (ie. The people below you, whom you lead, will determine if you a leader or not).

With this vignette in mind: If you’re a leader of one to 1001 people, periodically ask yourself:

1. If I surveyed a cross section of the people I lead, what percentage of that group would say that I’m a leader both in practice, as well as in title?

2. As I lead, what could I continue to do, stop doing, and/or start doing, to improve that percentage?
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