Do you have this quality as senior executive leader?

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“The ones (CEOs) I’m most impressed with do not seem packaged. But they have this sense of peace, this self-awareness, that says, “I understand who I am”. James P. Hackett.

This quotation is from an article by Adam Bryant entitled, Leadership never looks pre-packaged. Here’s the link:

Based on my interactions with successful CEOs and other leaders I agree with the above quotation. In my sales presentation, speech communication and senior executive projects I coach participants to ‘tune into the moment’ of an interaction or situation (to inform them on how they should act) versus relying on a prepared plan.

For example, you might plan to stand when delivering an upcoming boardroom pitch to a prospective client, regardless of the environment. A better approach is, when at the prospect’s office, to read the situation and be open to delivering the pitch from a seated position, if that feels better.

The ‘how to apply‘ for this post: In the next seven days ask yourself: a. Is any part of the presentation of myself in my work pre-packaged? b. How can I increase my understanding of who I am (with the goal of being less pre-packaged).

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