The worth of ‘small wins’

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“Small wins do not combine in neat, linear, serial form, with each step being a demonstrable step closer to some predetermined goal . . . more common is the circumstance where small wins are scattered . . . like miniature experiments and uncover both resources and barriers that were invisible before the situation was stirred up.” (Psychologist Karl Weick, quoted on p. 113 of the book The Power of Habit*, by Charles Duhigg, William Heineman, 2012).

In my speech communication and sales presentation work client are urged to IDP (Intentionally Daily Practice) their Action Areas (ie. Listening, speaking, body language etc. behaviours) to help them achieve improve their personal communication impact.

In effect, this IDP is a mini-experiment in which a person learns what works (what improves impact and influence) and what doesn’t work. It makes small wins possible.

For example, in one ‘experiment’ a person could test whether notching up their voice energy and loudness at the start of a presentation gains the attention of a group of tough executive general managers (who previously have been difficult to engage). Feedback from the group will determine the results of the experiment.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days think about what experiments you could conduct with your listening, speaking and body language. After the experiment reflect on the results and what has been ‘stirred up’.

*The Power of Habit is a superb read. I’d highly recommend it.

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