The RIGHT way to SIT, stand, GESTURE & move your BODY

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Here’s my 2018 on How to sit, stand, gesture and move your body.

In this hybrid meeting world we’re in, and will continue to be in for some time, ideas and techniques in the post can give you a competitive advantage when you communicate your ideas and vision – particularly when you speak in video meetings.

To complement the post here is my popular Video Communication Resources page which includes my 10 module, two minute video series The Art of Communication through video conferencing.

Here are fresh ideas and techniques not covered in the 2018 post:

– HOW to make a good, first impression:

Upon entry to a physical room, or virtual room, radiate warmth and acceptance and calm enthusiasm through your facial expression. When we radiate warmth and acceptance conversations just seem to flow. When we enter a room with a level of calm and enthusiasm, we attract people toward us.

– SITTING at a meeting table:

The boardroom table is a non-verbal battlefield. Define your space with your accessories and then occupy that space.

Become aware of the space you occupy around your body.

Gazing down can indicate a defeated attitude. It may also reflect guilt, shame, or submissiveness, as when distorting the truth or telling a lie. It can also signal you may not believe your own remarks. True statements are normally given with a confident, face-to-face or level gaze, which may be held longer than three seconds.

MORE ideas on body language:

Nonverbal cues are the traffic cops of communication. They tell us when to initiate an interaction, terminate one, or continue one.

Educating yourself about body language isn’t just an interesting exercise: it lets you see deep into the minds of others. When you understand how your behaviour ‘pumps’ not just your emotions, but also the emotions of those around you, you can ensure you make the best possible impression.

Own the conversation

In the next seven days make an implementation plan to trial one of the techniques in this post or from the 2018 post.

For example your plan might be:

  • At the start of WIPS meeting I’m going to become more aware of the space I occupy around my body.
  • On Tuesday’s LT meeting I’ll define my space and occupy that space with my iPad, stylus and notepad.
  • When having my 1-1 with X, I’ll start the interaction radiating warmth and acceptance and calm enthusiasm through my facial expression.


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