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A powerful way to embed new learning – that I share with my clients in my executive communication coaching One-on-One consultations – is to teach someone one of the techniques they’ve learned in the module. This is why. You don’t really know something until you can teach it to someone else.

Here is a passage from an excellent book A Mind for Numbers which explains the power of sharing whatever you’re learning.

‘Next time you are with a family member, friend, or classmate, relate the essence of what you’ve been learning, either from this book or in regard to a class you are taking.

Retelling whatever you are learning about not only helps fuel and share your own enthusiasm, but also clarifies and cements the ideas in your mind, so you’ll remember them better in the weeks and months to come.

Even if you are studying is very advanced, simplifying so you can explain to others who do not share your educational background can be surprisingly helpful in building your understanding.’

Own the Conversation

Many of you are engaged in formal study and all of you (hopefully) are learning new things everyday.

In the next seven days consider how – on an on-going basis – you might schedule regular ‘retelling time’. For example, when you catch-up with for coffee with a friend/colleague – as well as catching-up – take a couple of minutes to retell what you’ve been learning.

How/when/where else might you embed the retelling of your learning into your daily schedule?

p.s. This quote from a Stanford News article made me stop and think. It might interest.

‘One distinction between happiness and meaningfulness is self-vs-other orientation. In general, people leading happy (but not necessarily meaningful) lives derive joy from receiving benefits from others. 
In contrast, people leading meaningful (but not necessarily happy) lives experience joy from giving to others.
Meaning transcends the self while happiness focuses on giving the self what it wants.’
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