What’s needed to know something in a deep versus shallow way

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I was having a coffee with a participant who had been enrolled in one of my past sale presentation programmes.

He discussed how over the past few years he came to really appreciate and know the importance of ‘less is more’ communication. That is, using less words/omitting needless words in the delivery of your spoken messages, has more impact.

Let me explain. When the man was first introduced to the ‘less is more’ message, he knew the concept was an important one. However, it took three years of intentional practice of the concept, until he really knew, about the impact of the message.

An associate of mine refers to the two stages of knowing as the little ‘k’ (know) versus the BIG ‘K’ (KNOW), about the ‘less is more’ concept.

The man relayed that he had landed a new job because of having the BIG ‘K’ (KNOW). He said, before he went into the job interview for the new job, he was very clear about delivering ‘less is more’ messages. In the interview, his ‘less is more’ speaking delivering quickly gained the trust of the decision maker.

He shared that he now ‘lives and breathes’ the ‘less is more’ message. As an added benefit, less is more speaking has resulted in profitable interaction in his social interactions.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days, first, think back to a previously known, valuable idea or technique (one that has not reached the stage of unconscious competence in your life). Second, re-commit to developing that idea/technique – to move you from the little ‘k’ to the BIG ‘K’.

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