The key reason why Boris Johnson is still U.K. Prime Minister

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The following might be controversial . . .

I always wondered what was at the core of Boris Johnson keeping his job as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after he faced scandal after scandal after scandal.

Many commentators maintained that the Downing street parties, scandal would see Johnson exit as PM. When he survived that wrongdoing there was commentary, that the reason for his survival, was that there was no one in the Conservative party, except Johnson, who could win Britain’s next election against Keir Starmer.

However, in my view, one sentence in this incisive Atlantic magazine article, Boris Johnson – Inside The Controlled Chaos Of Downing Street, bellowed at me, as the key reason for Johnson’s survival.


‘Whenever you talk to Johnson, you bump up against an all-encompassing belief that things will be fine’.

Whenever you see video footage of Johnson, he is always exuding the ‘things will be fine’ aura.

It’s as if he takes any negative and responds – through his facial expression, manner, bearing, body movement, vocal tone and words – with the stated or unstated message,

“Yes, yes, yes … I know that didn’t go well, but things will be fine . . . we’ll figure it out . . . there is a work-around here.”

Johnson believes in the ‘things will be fine’ mantra so deeply, that his listeners believe it too.

As I share in my work with clients in delivering their messages. The first ‘selling job’ is on yourself. And Johnson is well-sold on himself.

The ‘things will be fine’ aura is deeply reassuring to the electorate. Deep down, we want a leader of state who is an unflinching beacon of hope.

Johnson is that unflinching beacon of hope.

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea:

In the next seven days, get feedback from a trusted person on how well you project the ‘things will be fine’ aura, on a 1-10 scale (1 lowest level; 10 highest level).

If the feedback proved useful, engage other trusted people to give you feedback.

Over time, investigate what factors – in the presentation of yourself and your messages – contribute to the ‘things will be fine’ aura.

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