A concise definition of what the best leaders do

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“The best and most memorable leaders create the conditions for people to be encouraged, challenged and supported, so they can become stronger and more capable in what they do.” Meg Wheatley, Management philosopher.

To date Wheatley’s definition is the best, most concise one I’ve read of what the best leaders do. Of course, a definition is fine. The hard part would be creating “the conditions for people to be encouraged, challenged and supported”.

As a leader one way to encourage people is to make a great initial connection with everyone you meet. To make this great connection, as Nicholas Boothman suggests, when greeting someone, simultaneously:

Face the person, hold eye contact and smile.

To help you with this connection note the colour of the person’s eyes upon greeting.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: In the next seven days with everyone you greet, intentionally: face them, smile and note the colour of their eyes.

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