The BEST Communication – Right MESSAGE, Right TONE…RFK

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If ever there was a speech that was the right one, at the right time, by the right person, in the right manner, for the right reason, and with the right feeling tone – a speech that had a direct correlation to PREVENTING VIOLENCE – this speech HAS to be on the short list.

The above is text from a post I wrote back in 2017 about an impromptu speech delivered on 28 June 1968 by Robert F. Kennedy, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA soon after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

After King’s assassination, there were riots in all major American cities, but –

DUE to Kennedy’s SPEECH there were NO riots in Indianapolis.

Here is the LINK to Kennedy’s speech.

After once again watching the speech, it struck me that Kennedy’s message is apt for the current time.

Own the Conversation

What can you, as a leader, learn from and act on from Kennedy’s speech?

Simply this:

The next time you have an important message to deliver, take some considered time beforehand, and answer the below questions:

  • Is this the right message?
  • Is my message one that everyone can understand?
  • Is my reason for delivering it sound?
  • Is this right time?
  • Am I the best person to deliver it?
  • Is the manner, this forum, environment etc, the right one?
  • What is the best feeling tone for delivering the message?


p.s. here’s a post with a simple, powerful, proven method to determine your key message

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