Solve many of your problems with 10 phone calls per day

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“There aren’t many problems that ten phone calls a day can’t solve.” This quote is from inspirational speaker, Corry Collins. A member of my Mastemind group, Joseph Hart, shared this quote at a recent meeting after seeing Collins speak at a conference.

The quote struck a chord with me and since I’ve heard it I’ve been notching up my phone call rate to my clients, prospective clients, centres of influence and to other stakeholders. (To help me make the calls, I’ve written the quote on a post-it note and placed it prominently at the top of my computer monitor as my work desk).

And the phone calling has translated into more business with prospective clients, and into deeper relationships with my existing clients.

The ‘how to apply’ for this post: Notch-up your phone calls per day rate and reflect on its impact.

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