An imagery technique for being better presenter

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Think for a moment about a great speaker you have seen or heard. It could be a famous person or it could be someone you know personally. Now imagine that you are about to enter into an interaction or are about to deliver a presentation and you could ‘take on the cloak’ of that great speaker. Imagine presenting in the manner of that person.

My sales presentation and speech communication consulting, clients say that this ‘taking on the cloak’ of great speakers can help them perform better in their interactions and presentations.

‘Taking on the cloak’ doesn’t mean you become the other person. Rather it means you assume their positive traits, to your advantage. Your self-talk might me, ‘how would this person act/handle themselves/speak in this interaction.’

The ‘how to’ for this post is this. In the next seven days, One: think of someone who listens, speaks and presents very well. Two: ‘take on the cloak’ of that person as you enter into or participate in an interaction.

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