Structuring an IT pitch presentation using AI

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I asked ChatGPT to generate questions to consider, prior to delivering an internal, corporate I.T. business pitch. Below is what it came back with. It’s pretty good.

Certainly, when pitching an internal business initiative, especially in the context of a mid-level IT professional seeking approval for a significant software project, you should emphasize the practical and strategic aspects of your proposal.

Here are 10 refined questions to ask yourself before such an internal business pitch:

  1. What is the Specific Business Problem or Opportunity?
    • Can I clearly define the problem we are addressing or the opportunity we are capitalizing on with this software initiative?
  2. How Does the Software Align with the Company’s IT Strategy?
    • Does the initiative align with our company’s overall IT strategy and objectives, and can I demonstrate this alignment?
  3. What Are the Key Benefits of Implementing the Software?
    • Have I identified the direct benefits to the company, such as cost savings, increased efficiency, or enhanced competitiveness?
  4. What Are the Costs and Resource Requirements?
    • Do I have a comprehensive breakdown of the costs, including licensing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance, as well as the resources needed?
  5. What Is the ROI (Return on Investment) and Payback Period?
    • Can I present a clear analysis of the expected return on investment and the timeframe for realizing these returns?
  6. Have I Addressed Data Security and Compliance Concerns?
    • How will the software ensure data security and compliance with relevant regulations, and have I addressed any potential risks?
  7. What Is the Implementation Plan and Timeline?
    • Have I outlined a detailed plan for implementing the software, including key milestones and a realistic timeline?
  8. How Will the Software Integration Impact Current Systems and Processes?
    • Can I explain how the new software will integrate with our existing systems and processes, and what steps are needed for a smooth transition?
  9. What Are the Alternative Solutions Considered and Their Pros/Cons?
    • Have I evaluated alternative software solutions and can I articulate why the chosen one is the most suitable?
  10. What Is the Recommended Course of Action and Why?
    • Have I clearly stated my recommendation, supported by evidence, and explained why it is the best choice for the company?

In an internal business pitch within the IT department, it’s essential to present a well-structured plan that not only highlights the technical aspects but also addresses the financial and strategic implications of the software initiative.

Additionally, be prepared to answer questions about how this initiative aligns with the broader goals of the company and how it will positively impact day-to-day operations.”

Own the Conversation

Implementation idea

  1. If you’re an I.T. professional, adapt the above questions, before your next pitch/presentation.
  2. If you’re not … change the request of ChatGPT to your domain, and use that information to sharpen your next pitch.


p.s. Recently I was listening to a podcast of Tim Ferris interviewing the founding editor of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly. Kelly said he treats ChatGPT as a “not bad intern’. That is, as you would check the work of an intern who you were supervising, before their work would go ‘live’. Do the same with ChatGPT.

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