Strategy ideas for your ‘End of year’ presentation

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December marks the end of the working year in Australia. It’s a time when leaders deliver ‘end of year’ presentations.

Below are questions and guidelines for handling an end of year presentation.

First ask yourself this question:

Do I need to deliver an end of year presentation?

To help you in your consideration reflect on these questions:

*What type of presentation/remarks?

*To what audience?

*When should it be delivered?

*Where should it be delivered?

*How should it be delivered?

*and most importantly, why should it be delivered?

If you decide to deliver a presentation don’t take it lightly.

Whatever you do, don’t wing your presentation.

One off-hand, unprepared remark can derail a year’s worth of effort, leave a bad taste in the mouth of your people and end the year on a bad note.

Here is an article by Lee Polevoi entitled: What to say in your year-end message to employees, Though Pelevoi’s article is aimed at business owners, it has ideas that you can adapt in crafting your presentation/message.

One of Polevoi’s points that resonated with me was to be generous with delivering a heart-felt thank you.

As the poet Maya Angelou memorably said.

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

Own the Conversation

For my Australia readers, carve time, today in your calendar to decide whether you’ll make an end of year presentation, and if the answer is ‘yes’, use that time to start planning the message.

To make your presentation heart-felt, before the presentation, take time to reflect on the effort your team has delivered in 2017.

p.s. Check out this post entitled, Transparency: Lose the comb-over.

p.p.s. For some levity during Australia’s ‘silly season’, you might be interested in this video clip of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, singing Fats Domino’s hit song Blueberry Hill.

I love Putin’s shy facial expression as he sheepishly saunters to the microphone. So too, his ‘it’s showtime’ quick rote hand in pocket as he begins to sing, and his dominant, ‘I’m the man’, lapel-grasping pose during the performance.

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