Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman’s body language rated

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Watching Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman over the last few weeks, the phrases that come to mind are, for Bligh: ‘steady as she goes’. For Newman: ‘slick and quick’.

Let me elaborate. Bligh is a ‘what you see, is what you get, no frills’ politician. This lack of pretension conveyed through her physical dress, and through her face and body language and speech is a strength for her. However this presentation of herself also coveys a flat affect and one that lacks vision.

Newman opts for a slick presentation in his dress and a quick style in his movement and speech. During a press conference early in the election campaign Newman made sideways ‘edging away’ movements with his body, as if is was afraid he’d get a question he wouldn’t be able to answer. (This ‘quick to exit’ manner is similar to Kevin Rudd’s breezy movement and ‘gotta run’ type comments in his press conferences).

Newman is more assured in set piece presenting. Overall his body language and speech convey a lack of substance.

With regard to presenting themselves as a potential leader and as the Premier of Queensland, I score Bligh as 7/10 and Newman as 6/10.

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