An example where speaking short sentences paid off

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Last week I was meeting with a general manager from one of Australia’s major banks. He had been a participant in one of my programmes several years ago. I reminded him of his Action Areas (that is, actions he needed to take/behaviours he needed to regularly practice to improve his personal communication impact).

One of those Areas was ‘to speak short sentences’.  He shared a recent opportunity of intentionally practising the speaking of short sentences at a presentation in Indonesia, where he needed to have an interpreter translate his English.

He said that because he used short sentences in the presentation the interpreter was able to easily translate his spoken messages for the audience. He reported the presentation was well received.

Here’s how you can apply and benefit from my client’s interpreter experience.

In the next seven days, in safe interactions/encounters/presentations imagine that an interpreter needs to translate your words. Focus on speaking short sentences with definite pauses between your sentences (ie. to give the imaginary interpreter time to translate).

Reflect on the impact of doing this. Consider if delivering your message in this measured manner gives you a feeling of more control and confidence.

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