“So much of leadership is in their eyes. . .”

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I recently reread an article that shared the following quote by John Kotter, leadership and change authority, delivered at the end of a 2007 Harvard ‘Leadership Best Practices’ program.

“You learn more watching great leaders on video for 10 minutes than you learn reading the 200,000 Amazon books on leadership. So much of leadership is in their eyes, in their body language, and in the obvious commitment to the cause. You can see why people want to follow them.”

The how to apply for this post: Watch YouTube clips of great leaders delivering their spoken messages and consider how you could adapt what they do with their voice, eyes, face and body, to your speech communication delivery and your sales presentations. You can view a clip of an inspirational speaker on one of my prior posts. Just paste in ‘Frank Donaghue’ in my site’s search bar and you’ll find the clip.

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