A key behaviour that Premier Mike Baird shares with Barack Obama

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One of the strengths of Barack Obama’s personal communication is his natural, easy, genuine smile. This smile reveals aspects of his underlying character, that subtly affects us at a visceral level.

The smile reveals, that while he may take his job seriously, he has a light attitude about himself. When interacting with heads of state, his demeanor seems playful. We perceive no hidden agenda he is trying to foist on us. He enters into interactions and encounters with equanimity.

There are shades of Obama in how recently elected, NSW Premier, Mike Baird, presents himself. Baird, too, has a natural, easy, genuine smile – so we are encouraged to trust him.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days, reflect on how you present yourself in your work. Could you lighten up a little, while still having a serious approach to your work?

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  • Stephen Novacek

    Well put Michael. You have encapsulated very well the Obama ‘secret sauce’. !

    Thanks for the blog.

  • sbo

    I Like Obama.

  • Mohan

    Nice blog Michael, Thanks for sharing the great information.

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