Why being serious doesn’t mean being intelligent

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Recently in a cafe just off the lobby of a Sydney office tower, I was having a coffee before a sales presentation workshop. I noted how serious all the senior executive corporate types looked as they bought their flat whites and machiattos. It seemed liked they had the weight of the world on their shoulders.

On further observation and reflection it seemed like ‘projecting seriousness’ was their default presentation of themselves to the world. Like they had worked out that being serious means people will think you are competent or intelligent. (or maybe hide how scared you are, so people won’t find out that you aren’t that competent or you aren’t up to the task of your current senior role).

Whether you agree with the premise ‘Serious doesn’t mean competent or intelligent’ or not, to me it’s a sad situation for the people who report to these senior executives. (and I’m not suggesting that these executives don’t have significant challenges in their roles). The executives are providing a poor model for their reports who aspire to their role. They’re teaching and modelling, that looking serious is the way to get ahead and keep your senior executive role. So these future executives will start becoming serious themselves to fit the mould.

Effective leadership is about being forward-looking, honest, inspiring and competent – not about projecting a false seriousness. In a surveys* covering the last 20+ years, of the top 20 characteristics of admired leaders, across a wide range of countries, ‘being serious’ doesn’t get a mention. (*please see Kouzes & Posner’s book, The Leadership Challenge).

To combat this false seriousness, and for the how to apply for this post: In the next seven days, on purpose aim to take a professional attitude to your job while you lighten up about yourself/your presentation of yourself to the world.


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