How to assume the buyer mentality when you’re with a prospect

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Yesterday I conducted a workshop entitled: ‘Listen and speak under pressure in job interviews’. In a discussion about the value of one’s worth I shared this message:

“When I have a meeting with a prospective client, I enter that meeting with the ‘buyer’ mindset versus that of the ‘seller’. That is, my mindset is, that I have a valuable service offering, and the prospective client needs to convince me that they are the right type of client, for me to ‘buy’ them to be one of my clients.”

With this mindset and my interaction style and manner in the meeting, the aim is not to be an ‘aggressive buyer’. Rather it is to present a secure, confident affect, sourced from an honest reflection, over time, of the worth of my services.

In the workshop, I shared with participants that when they enter into a job interview, that they too act as the ‘buyer’ of the organisation (versus a needy job seeker). That they present themselves as having a valuable contribution to offer for the right organisation.

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: In the next seven days, set aside time to honestly reflect on the your worth in the marketplace. In your interactions, meetings, interviews, business pitches etc. keep that worth in mind.

p.s. Last week I presented a ‘Speaking with Impact’ workshop at the ACS (Australian Computer Society) Future Leaders Institute. The five day Institute, directed by former ACS President Nick Tate, gave delegates a vast array of content and process to help them on their leadership journey. Peppers at Salt Village, in Kingcliff, NSW was a great venue for the Institute.

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