Confident Personal Communications

Module 7

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One way to project confidence in the workplace is through how you hold, carry and conduct your body and use gestures.

The key message for this Module is:

When you’re standing imagine that a metaphorical puppeteer is pulling your head skyward.

Now when you’re seated, don’t slouch and slump like this. Keep that elongated posture. Feel the back on the chair and slightly tilt your posture forward to other person in a meeting.

Key Message

‘Elongate’ your physical height when standing and sitting.

Your tasks

To do right now, or to complete within the next 30 minutes:

In a chair sit while feeling the back of the chair while keeping your head high. Place a hand to the top of your head and imagine a puppeteer pulling up the top your head with a string.

Hold that posture while you lean slightly forward for a count of 10.

Now get out of the chair and keep that elongated posture. Walk around your office for 30 – 60 seconds.

Reflect on how you felt after doing these tasks. Did you feel more confident?