Robert F. Kennedy’s 50% rule for being successful

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In 1968, when on the presidential campaign trail, the late Robert F. Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy) told journalist Roger Mudd, something to the effect of, “Roger, 50% of success is looking like you’re having a great time at what you’re doing.'”

The best C level executives that I work with adhere to the 50% rule. They can make all stakeholders feel that they’re having a great time performing their role.

Own the Conversation

Implementation suggestion:     

Answer this question and reflect on your answer:

“Would my stakeholders readily say, I look like I’m having a great time performing my role?

If you can’t answer that question with a resounding ‘Yes’, consider – assuming you want to be perceived as looking like you’re having a good time – one way you might look more, like you’re having a good time or enjoying your role.

Here’s an idea. Aim to be more ‘playful’ during your workday, which in my view is a trait of many successful leaders.


p.s. Consider this. It’s not what you see It’s what you perceive what you see. It’s not what you hear. It’s what you perceive what you hear. It’s not what you feel. It’s what you perceive that you feel. Everything is limited, by your own perception of reality.

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