How to build you skill with repeated attempts

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Another wall poster I use in my sales presentation and speech communication client work is ‘Repeated attempts with feedback build skill’. It’s important to practice a discrete behaviour and then get feedback on how you performed. You can give yourself feedback on how you think you went (ie. subjective feedback), or get objective feedback. Objective feedback is the most powerful form of feedback.

You can get objective feedback through a. video-recording yourself and watching the playback b. audio-recording yourself and listening to the playback or c. by having another person observe you in a meeting/presentation and giving you feedback after meeting/presentation. My clients give the other person a Scorecard to rate them on a particular technique.

It’s important when asking another person to observe you to be specific on what you want feedback on. For example, you might ask them to rate you on a 1-10 scale on the energy level you projected through your voice, face and body.

In the next post I’ll expand on this feedback theme and share the value of IDP (Intentional Daily Practice).

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