Insightful questions senior execs can ask their reports

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“Tell me one thing you really like about the organization, and one thing that frustrates you about the company?”
“Tell me what you do here, that’s not in your job description, that you think is really critical?”
“Tell me something you think I don’t know, that you think I should know, that is important?”

Adam Bryant writes a column entitled The Corner Office for the New York Times. In the column Bryant interviews CEOs about how they lead.

The above questions have been used by Bryant in his CEO interviews – and are apt for newly appointed CEOs to ask his/her people.

In addition to the above questions, Robert Townsend and Warren Bennis, in the book Reinventing Leadership, suggest the following questions that CEOs can ask to get a fuller picture of their operation:
“What made you mad today?’
“What took too long?”
“What was the cause of complaints today?”
“What was wasted?”
“What job took too many people?”
“What job involved too many actions?”
“What was misunderstood today?”

Your Call to action/How to apply for this post: Reflect on the above questions and consider ones that you could use/adapt to help you better understand your people and your organization.
This is the last post for this year. Thank you for reading, and for your comments. I appreciate it. Posts will resume in February 2015. Nothing but the best for an abundant 2015. Michael Kelly

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