OWN the conversation

Be an extraordinary communicator


This workshop will move you to the next level towards being an extraordinary communicator who persuades, engages, informs and inspires.

It will give you best in class insight and techniques for ‘owning’ any communication event, in any situation, with any audience, no matter the level of your expertise.

Topics and Methodology

  • A proven system for giving and getting feedback on performance.
  • A powerful method for ‘hooking’ any audience to listen.
  • How to own and occupy the physical space, and move and conduct your body.
  • ‘Measuring cup’ speaking. How to speak like Barack Obama.
  • Your voice is telling on you. What’s it saying?
  • How to listen and speak under pressure.
  • Deconstruction of your communication by M. Kelly. You’ll learn your key communication strengths and your key communication need.
  • Practicing and refining your key communication need.

What you’ll take away

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  1. Improved your understanding of what makes a extraordinary, executive communicator.
  2. Improved your confidence and technique in owning any conversation.
  3. A specific technique and/or idea for post workshop, intentional daily
    practice improvement.

Own the conversation

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