Listen and speak under pressure

People who can confidently listen and speak under pressure, solve problems faster, and are perceived as confident, as persuasive and as someone to trust.

You may be prepared to present a proposal or to ‘sell’ an idea, but unless you can speak accurately, fluently and flexibly, especially when under pressure, your message will be undermined.

This lively, hands-on workshop will move you along the path toward being a consummate, under-pressure speaker.


This programme is conducted in 1⁄2 day and one day formats.

Learning objectives

  • Improved skill and confidence in any under pressure environment
  • Identification of a key area for further development
  • Know how to create perceptions of confidence when listening
  • Know how to structure any message
  • How to handle tough pressure environments


  • Handle fear and emotion when under pressure.
  • The Open – Middle – Close speaking structure.
  • The DBAE (Don’t Be Anywhere Else) technique.
  • The ‘Engagement nod’.
  • The ‘Measuring cup’ speaking technique.
  • The basic question answering schema.
  • The schema for handling tough questions.
  • How to project confidence with your body language and voice.
  • The value of ‘pause gaps’.

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