From I.T. Technician, to I.T. Executive

Winning greater influence through how you listen, speak and present


You might have substantial technical knowledge. But if you present yourself and ideas as a technician, you’ll limit opportunities to advance in your career. Being able to listen, speak and present in an executive manner, that resonates with senior stakeholders – will allow you to capture promotion opportunities and wield greater influence in your workplace.

This practical, one day workshop will move you along the path – from being an I.T. Technician, to being an I.T. Executive.

Who should attend

Experienced ‘I.T. technicians’

Workshop outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have:

  • An improved identity of a person who is an I.T. business executive.
  • A visual executive image.
  • Specific phone techniques to make face to face appointments with senior stakeholders.
  • Field-tested processes for building quick rapport when conducting face to face meetings or when having chance encounters with senior executives.
  • A powerful speaking structure for any interaction, meeting or presentation.
  • A winning, formal presentation speaking template.
  • Specific, personalised Action Areas to Intentionally Daily Practice after the workshop, to consolidate workshop learning.
  • Fresh awareness of their executive presence, through Michael Kelly’s deconstruction and analysis of how they listen, speak, present, handle and conduct themselves.
  • Proven techniques in how to think and speak on your feet.

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