Delivering Memorable Messages

This tailored program helps manager and employees move further along the path of being perceived as articulate, competent and genuinely interested in other people, in any meeting, presentation, interaction and encounter – through how they listen, speak and present, handle and conduct themselves.


As compared with their pre-program behaviour, Participants will:

    1. Improve their confidence in planning and delivering any type of spoken communication message or presentation.
    2. Be perceived to have improved in their confidence and effectiveness in delivering any type of spoken communication message or presentation.
    3. Improve:
      • in maximising the number of positive impressions they leave through their
        personal communication.
      • in projecting energy and certainty through their voice, face and body.
      • in delivering simple, ‘less is more’ messages.

Content of this program includes:

  • Strategies to handle your presentation fears.
  • How to plan to listen.
  • How to plan and structure a message/presentation: how to understand your
    audience, develop your key point/message and tailor it to the audience and the environment/situation.
  • How to ‘sell’ an idea in a stand-up, larger group presentation.
  • How to open, ‘hook’ and connect with an audience.
  • How to be memorable.
  • Developing a voice that gains and keeps attention and supports your words and body language.
  • How to physically present, carry and handle yourself.
  • How to package words and phrases.
  • How to think and speak on your feet.
  • How to handle informal, important interactions.


The Program, has a Preparation, Core Content and Embedding stage and is limited to a maximum of eight participants. The Core Content Stage is conducted in six Sessions. There are four group Sessions and two, one on one Sessions with each participant.

Each participant receives a comprehensive resource workbook for the program and video clip recordings of their speaking performances for longer term self-coaching. Participants will receive the 20 Modules of the Confident Personal Communication video learning programme over a 40 week time span from the start of the programme. In addition, participants have access to Michael’s weekly blog posts.

The Embedding stage includes a formal presentation to a participant’s line manager and 12- 18 month follow-up ‘How am I doing?, How could I do better?’ feedback with a participant’s ‘trusted people’.

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