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For this week’s post I’ve invited a business friend, and video production luminary, Geoff Anderson, to be a guest blogger.

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Video is undoubtedly a powerful way to engage with your target audience online. But not everyone jumps out of bed eager to get in front of a camera. In fact some people are just plain scared witless about it. They’d rather play in traffic blindfolded.

Yet in 2015 if you’re in business, then you also need to be in the media creation business. It might be blogs, podcasts and/or videos. So what if you are determined that video is not for you?

Here are 5 Tips:

1. Practice

Most things we are afraid of we haven’t done or have rarely done. I’m not talking about jumping off a cliff while wearing a flying suit – that’s scary stuff (but kinda cool at the same time). I’m talking about fears that can be overcome simply by being exposed to them in gentle increments.

You could start by using your phone to film yourself in your bedroom – (keep your clothes on). Record a sentence – delete it. Don’t even watch it. Do it a few times and then watch a few. Do it more often and maybe show someone who will always say the right thing.

Pretty soon, you’ll start getting better at it. And sooner than that you’ll become comfortable with it. And later you’ll actually start enjoying it.

2. Stilted delivery?

It’s not always easy to delivery smooth lines in a confident compelling manner. Some people get halfway through a sentence and forget what they were talking about. If that’s you then don’t try to deliver a long detailed presentation in one go. Do it sentence by sentence.

If you do one recording of you with a wide shot and another close up, then you can edit between the two. You can also use graphics or visuals to hide your face altogether.

3. Need to be seen?

What if you’re the CEO and need to represent the company but hate having to present to camera? In that case get someone to interview you. Practice Tip 1 above to get used to have a camera record you. Interviews allow you to have a conversation. For many people who suffer on camera, an interview is a more real experience.

I have on several occasions resorted to an interview when I feel the presenter just isn’t convincing when talking straight to camera.

4. Use a teleprompt

A teleprompt allows you to read the script as it scrolls in front of the lens. You’ve probably seen them being used in TV newsroom style shows. They are easily accessible these days. They allow the presenter to focus on how they deliver their lines and less on what they need to say next.

Most people are able to master reading a teleprompt after a couple of goes. It enables them to look and sound a lot more confident with their delivery.

5. Record a live presentation

If you are presenting on behalf of your industry or your business then have the event recorded. Chances are, you’ll be so focused on the audience you won’t have time to worry about the video camera. This can then be used to help promote your expertise and provide shareable content.

What tips do you have for those scared of the magic lens?


Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight, a video production facility in Sydney.

He is an author, presenter and a video producer.

You can connect with him on:

Twitter https://twitter.com/geoffsonic

LinkedIn https://au.linkedin.com/in/geoffanderson1

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SonicSight

And you can buy his book at www.geoffanderson.com.au/shoot-me-now

or do his online video course at https://www.udemy.com/video-tips-and-secrets/?couponCode=VIDEOSECRETS

or phone Geoff on 0419 244 447

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