Here a step by step technique to speak like Barack Obama

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What if you could have a practical, powerful process to notch-up your speaking impact through the modelling of an expert speaker?

Below is a description on how to do this.

To produce a high level speaking performance that approximates the performance level of an expert speaker, while putting your individual ‘stamp’ on the performance.

By being able to approximate the level of an expert speaker, you’ll upgrade your existing speaking skill. You’ll also have new ‘phrasing repertoires’ to embed into your speaking.

Access to the web
A camera to video record your speaking

1. Click on the following link of Barack Obama’s 2008 Grant Park speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K8GWCl7P7U
and Watch starting from ‘Hello Chicago’ at 55 seconds . . . to ‘The United States of America’ at 2:32

2. Take notes on the speech and form the notes into presentation notes/talking points for yourself.

3. Using your notes/points video record your delivery of the opening segment.

4. Playback and watch your recording and compare it to Obama’s.

5. Refine your words, cadence, voice, and body language, and then repeat steps 3, 4 until your performance approximates the expert level of Obama’s performance.

This is a proven process that my executive and business pitch clients have used to improve their speaking and presentation impact.
It’s worth the effort.

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