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“Most people with power would like to use it wisely, if someone believable would tell them how. They know that any proposal having to do with their business can be stated clearly and completely in less than one minute”. Robert Townsend from p 21 of Further up the organization.

Recently I shared this quotation with a group of technical people in one of my Delivering memorable messages programmes.

Several participants in the programme needed to project more belief in themselves and their messages through their voice, face and body language.

They also needed to simplify and signpost their key message(s) and state the key message at the start of the presentation.

Here’s an example of a sign-posted message: “My message is this. That you sign-off on $2.5 million dollars for the Karl software”.

Your Call to Action/How to apply for this post: For your next presentation/pitch: look the audience in the eye, ‘own’ and occupy space with your body, use an easily heard voice, and state a simple, sign-posted key message at the start of the presentation.

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