Powerful body language techniques you can use immediately

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In this 3:50 minute video clip of a live module of my Plan and deliver memorable presentations program, I work with participants at a syndicate table explaining and demonstrating various body language and gesturing techniques.

You can emulate the techniques to present yourself and communicate your ideas with more impact.**

(** Here’s a 2:15 minute video clip with an explanation of the ‘Ya, Ya, Ya’ voice technique I mention in the clip. By the way  I produced the clip in 2020 and I cringe a bit watching the video set-up. I’m glad that my video set-up has improved since that time.)

Own the conversation

Implementation suggestion:

#1 Watch the clip and choose a technique to work on.

#2 At your next meeting, that is a safe one, use the technique,

#3 For example one of the following techniques:

  • Sit directly across from the most senior person.
  • Sit imagining that your neck is long at the back.
  • Sit imaging a puppeteer is pulling a string from the top of your head to the ceiling.
  • Sit with a default posture of your arms uncrossed on the table.
  • Interject in a meeting with a strong gesture with a firm hand and firm fingers, in front of your torso, held for a second or two.

#4 Reflect on the practice of the technique.


p.s. Here is a recent blog from a luminary in the recruitment industry, Ross Clennett titled:

Why is there such a large feedback void in recruitment. Well worth a read.

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